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Heavy Fabrication

Hooper Welding has stood by the motto, ‘if it can be shipped, we can build it’. Our reputation for handling large projects continues to excel. With a host of in-house rigging and lifting abilities, no project is too big for Hooper Welding. Our experience and state of the art equipment allow manufacturing of material thicknesses over 9” in thickness.

When faced with the challenge of designing, manufacturing and shipping a 650 ton reactor, Hooper Welding ‘built it’.

When faced with the challenge of sourcing 8.25” thick material, forming and manufacturing multiple 250 ton utility boilers, Hooper Welding ‘built it’.

Our cranes and overhead equipment allow us to manufacture towers and columns over 20’ in diameter and 200’ in length. Our reputation for heavy industrial manufacturing continues to grow. No matter how big your project needs are, we can produce it.

Visit the Hooper Engineered Vessels International (H.E.V.I.) site for more information on our extended heavy pressure vessel fabrication capabilities, click here.